Chikara Wrestle Factory was founded in January, 2002 by Mike Quackenbush and Tom "Reckless Youth" Carter in Allentown, PA. After the professional debut of their first class of students that May, and the birth of the CHIKARA organization, Carter departed the company to pursue business interests outside of pro-wrestling. In March of 2005, Chikara Wrestle Factory moved from Allentown to Philadelphia, absorbing the existing CZW school at the "New Alhambra,” better known as the ECW Arena. The staff of the Wrestle Factory was periodically augmented by other instructors during this time, most notably Jorge "Skayde" Rivera of Dragon Gate/Toryumon, Chris Hero, and legendary luchador El Pantera.

In March of 2007, Chikara Wrestle Factory separated from the CZW training facility, but the Wrestle Factory remained stationed at The Arena in Philadelphia for years to come. That October, Claudio Castagnoli was promoted from his role as guest trainer to head trainer, alongside Mike Quackenbush, to aid in the training of the ninth class of students. Shortly thereafter, Sara Del Rey became a Wrestle Factory co-trainer as well.

Claudio Castagnoli (now “Cesaro”) signed with World Wrestling Entertainment in August of 2011, and departed The Wrestle Factory. The following year, Sara Del Rey also signed with the WWE, to accept a role as coach at their Performance Center in Orlando, FL. As ever, the responsibility for all training classes at The Wrestle Factory belongs to company founder and 20-year pro, Mike Quackenbush.

At the start of 2012, The Wrestle Factory relocated from Philadelphia to Huntingdon Valley, PA and then 2 years later, returned to the City of Brotherly Love once more. Now permanently installed in a new facility on Wingate Street in northeastern Philly, The Wrestle Factory has expanded its training schedule to include more options and hours than ever before. As of 2016, five of CHIKARA’s finest, including Wrestle Factory graduates, have been promoted to the position of "co-trainer": Hallowicked, Fire Ant, Drew Gulak and Ophidian.