• Core Curriculum

  • The Wrestle Factory’s Core Curriculum is for those trainees looking for complete, seamless, year-round training to pursue their goal of becoming a professional wrestler. We accept new trainees for the Core Curriculum continuously. Core curriculum tuition is $4,000 for a training period of 24 months. Tuition is discounted for those paying in one lump sum. Installment plans are available. New enrollees begin in our Monday night Beginner Level class, and should be prepared to train up to 3 nights per week.

  • Tiered Curriculum

  • The Wrestle Factory’s Tiered Curriculum is for those trainees looking for segmented training, offered in fixed-duration, intensive courses. Tiered curriculum starts at $319.00, and classes meet 1 day per week. Starting with Beginner Level 101, each tier of training runs for 7 weeks. The next Tiered Curriculum classes begins in September. Click here for more information.

  • Workshops

  • The Wrestle Factory’s Intro to Pro-Wrestling Workshop is offered multiple times per year, free of charge. This is designed for prospective trainees that want a hands-on experience training with us before committing to either the Core or Tiered Curriculum. The registration form for the next workshop can be found HERE. Additional workshops, with specific focus, are offered sporadically as well.

    The Nuts and Bolts of Training

    Pro-wrestling training offered by The Wrestle Factory teaches beginner fundamentals, as well as advanced techniques, in all types of wrestling.

    Lucha Libre, Puroresu, European (British and German styles,) Mixed Martial Arts and American Pro-Wrestling are all part of the regular curriculum at the Wrestle Factory, which strives to create the most well-rounded performers active today.

    With 25 years and thousands of matches of in-ring experience, Mike Quackenbush brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each and every session, with a learning atmosphere unmatched anywhere in the world. He is assisted in the day-to-day training by CHIKARA’s own Hallowicked, Ophidian, Fire Ant, Sonny Defarge, Travis Huckabee and Juan Francisco de Coronado.

    Some of the focal points beginners can expect upon entering the program:

    Interested in joining us? Read our enrollment information HERE.