• Our Ethical Standards/Code of Conduct

  • Professional Wrestling requires trust, risk, and vulnerability. When the culture around Pro-Wrestling is unsafe, then our art form, business, and livelihoods are compromised. For this reason, we choose to outline behaviors we will not accept, and provide in this document the procedures for communication. We offer this openly and publicly, because in a culture of silence, abuse and unsafe practices flourish. In order to maintain the integrity of our work, the safety of our coaches and trainees, we must clarify these standards and illuminate pathways for communication.

    We recognize the potential for inappropriate sexual behavior within the Pro-Wrestling community as well as without, but we are committed to fostering a culture around The Wrestle Factory that is safe and healthy for all. We acknowledge that performance atmospheres are not always “emotionally sanitary” - but they can include content that is profane, vulgar or otherwise challenging, while remaining totally free of sexual misconduct.

    We agree that inappropriate sexual behavior will NOT be tolerated within our training space, at off-site gatherings or anywhere else. Inappropriate sexual behavior can include single instances of sexual misconduct, or repeated instances, which form a pattern of harassment. We acknowledge this could include:

    -Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature.
    -Offering work-related benefits for providing sexual favors.
    -Threatening work-related detriments for withholding sexual favors.
    -Sexual gestures, gifts, pranks, teasing or jokes outside the boundaries of consent or performance content.
    -Transmitting sexually suggestive or explicit media, like photos and videos, outside the boundaries of consent or performance content.

    We understand that a victim of sexual misconduct or harassment may be fearful of retaliation, and thus, may not feel comfortable informing the harasser that their conduct is unwelcome. By adopting these Ethical Standards, we acknowledges this, and urge anyone to report their concerns and complaints to local, state or federal law enforcement agencies, and to engage resources listed below for support and aid.

    Closest law enforcement precinct: PPD 15th District, 2831 Levick Street, Philadelphia, PA 19149. Contact PPD 15th District by phone: 215-686-3150.
    National Sexual Assault hotline: 1-800-656-4673.

    We agree that retaliatory behavior toward victims needs to be reported with the same seriousness as any other form of harassment.

    By adopting these Ethical Standards, we agree to work with related parties, regardless of geography, in matters of accountability, communication, and the recommendation of resources. This is provided for in the spirit of constantly improving and upholding our Code of Conduct on a consistent basis.