At the intersection of athleticism and performance art. That’s where you’ll find us.

So, You Want To Be A Professional Wrestler?

You've dreamt of stepping between the ropes, walking the aisle to the ring. Now it's time to make that dream a reality! Some wrestling schools fail to prepare new talent for all the challenges of pro-wrestling. Learning physical mechanics is just part of the job, which is why The Wrestle Factory spends more time preparing future stars as performers and storytellers than any other training center on the planet. If you crave the challenge of a curriculum that has produced world-class talent for years, then you need The Wrestle Factory!

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Ready For The Adventure Of A Lifetime?

Pro-Wrestling is the collision of performance art and athleticism, and demands multi-faceted skill sets ranging from improvisation to self-promotion. Company founder Mike Quackenbush and his faculty will help you develop the tools and talents to achieve your dream of performing in the ring. The adventure of a lifetime begins when you set foot in our ring. Sign up for the next "Intro to Pro-Wrestling" workshop, it's totally free, and it's the best way to begin your journey.

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