At the intersection of athleticism and performance art. That’s where you’ll find us.

Next Class

Our next Beginner Level 101 class, designed for those with no prior experience, begins February 19th. The 7-week course, limited to just 14 students, will be taught by trainer Juan Francisco de Coronado. Enrollment for this class is now open. Our next Beginner Level 201 class is set to begin on March 11th, 2017. The 201 level is under the instruction of head trainer Mike Quackenbush, and also runs for 7 weeks. The 201 class is open to those that have already mastered the 101 level techniques. The ongoing “core curriculum” accepts new students year-round.

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Why Here?

Pro-Wrestling is the collision of performance art and athleticism, and demands multi-faceted skill sets ranging from improvisation to self-promotion. Under the guidance of company founder Mike Quackenbush, we develop performers well-versed in every type and style of pro-wrestling on the planet, with deep understanding of the wants and needs of modern audiences. Our diverse training course is the only one of its kind, and graduates of The Wrestle Factory ascend to the touring roster of CHIKARA.

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